Ever since I first laid eyes on the magnificence that is Heidi Watney, I have wracked my brain trying to hatch a plan that would bring the two of us together, intimately or otherwise. Some of these plots have included, in no particular order, mailing myself to the NESN studios, unleashing a lethal “Omega Man”-type virus that only she and I would be immune to thereby leaving the task of re-populating the Earth in our hands, disguising myself as her butcher/trainer/sheet-rock dealer, using hypnosis to convince her that blogging and paleness are two qualities of distinction in a gentleman caller, and resorting to the time-honored practice of chaining myself to a tree on her property and refusing to take solid food until she agreed to a date. There were others as well, which may or may not have involved chloroform, puppets and the Great Mazinga.

Luckily, our friend Amy at Project Cupid has found a better way, securing the lovely Ms. Watney as one of the many bachelorettes and bachelors who will be “auctioned off” during PC’s Third Annual Charity Date Auction, held Saturday, February 11 at The Estate.

So here’s the deal: You can win a date with Heidi Watney AND help a great cause at the same time. It’s the definition of a “no brainer” if ever one existed. For more info, contact amy@project-cupid.org.