Okay, so the Red Sox have a manager and pretty soon, the people in charge will realize that making Daniel Bard a starter is a worse idea than Blues Brothers 2000. Now can we talk about what’s really gonna get me through next summer and identify Heidi Watney’s replacement? Because when I’m sweating my balls off in late August and Matt Albers comes shuffling out of the bullpen in the top of the sixth, greeted by the Fenway crowd in much the same way the villagers welcomed Frankenstein’s monster, I need something tall, cool and desirable on the third base line to look coyly at the camera and tell me something I didn’t know about Bobby Valentine’s secret passion for chess or what’s on the Yawkey Way sausage guy’s mind. If that something is blonde and blue-eyed, even better. Although I’d take the T-Mobile girl in a heartbeat.