"Who's the dame playing catcher?"

Because you don’t want to slide into the holidays with your last signing being a dude named “Kelly” (which is second on the list of lousy ballplayer first names, right after “B.J.”), the Sox added a couple tough-guy names to the roster yesterday, trading Jed Lowrie and Kyle Weiland to the Astros for Mark Melancon, and picking up Nick Punto from St. Louis.

Melancon joins our bullpen where he’ll be used as a set-up guy and/or possible closer (assuming our real closer — once he’s identified — gets hurt or carried away by vultures). Punto will become utility-guy supreme and basically do the kinds of things you hire a guy named “Nick” to do.

Also, if there are players in the Dominican or Japanese Leagues with names like “Pyro” or “The Fist Magician”, we can expect that the Sox might be checking them out as well.