The great Red Sox PR machine is running on all cylinders. By the time this is over, people are not going to know what to believe. Did Tito turn a blind eye while pitchers were drinking beer in the clubhouse during games? Did they have midget hookers and farm animals brought in? Or did Tito try to put a stop to it and the players taped his ass cheeks together and stuffed him in a locker?

The stories are everywhere about the “disconnect” and Francona “losing the clubhouse” but who knows what to believe. The Red Sox brass are the masters of deception when it comes to spin. Any player that’s ever left the team knows (Nomar, Pedro, Damon, Manny) and this situation will go the same way. An “incident” leaked here, a whisper to a reporter there, and the next thing you know, there was either a lone gunman or a full government conspiracy.

I’m not buying it. Tito helped bring two World Series Championships to Boston. He didn’t throw a single pitch in September, make a single error or leave a single runner on base. He made some mistakes, sure, but he didn’t go out and get John Lackey or Carl Crawford or Bobby Jenks, did he?

Yes, I’m still pissed that Tito won’t be here next year.