If you were expecting a juicy, player-bashing, front-office-hating tell-all from Terry Francona on WEEI this week, brace yourself for a big disappointment. The thirty-minute interview had all the revelations of a Bill Belichick answer to…any question he is ever asked. As expected, Tito talked without really saying anything.

I want someone who is going to take the low road. Because I want to know what happened to this season and why I’m watching Dancing with the Stars instead of October baseball featuring the Red Sox. I want to know who to direct my anger at.

Even with the Rays and Yankees both eliminated, it hasn’t sunk in yet that the September collapse really happened. Some days I wake up and think the whole thing was just a booze-and-Twinkie-induced nightmare. But it wasn’t, that shit really happened. And I want to know why.