Officially part of the Cubs Regime, Theo took a full page ad in the Globe to thank local fans. The only thing that would have made it cooler would have been if he’d added the line, “Also, f$%ked if I know what I was thinking when I signed John Lackey.”

While you could spend a week debating the pros and cons of the Epstein Era, and whether the team that did us proud in 2004 was more a reflection of Dan Duquette’s handiwork, or if Edgar Renteria had incriminating photos of Theo and a couple of Chelsea hookers, the bottom line is that the guy fielded an entertaining product during his tenure, even if that product occasionally made us want to ram our heads into a brick wall.

We’ll sing him out with this clip I shot at the 2010 Hot Stove Cool Music show as Theo, The Gammons and Mike O’Malley introduce the show. Watch out for Theo’s impromptu re-enactment of A-Rod’s infamous ball slap from the 2004 ALCS. Worth the price of admission.

Godspeed, Professor Epstein.