This is living proof of “be careful what you wish for.” After Terry Francona was unceremoniously shit-canned, I wanted answers. Today, Bob Hohler and the Globe published a nasty tell-all about the Red Sox collapse, “based on a series of interviews the Globe conducted with individuals familiar with the Sox operation at all levels.” Translation: the smear campaign continues.

According to the Globe’s “sources,” Terry Francona is a pill-popping, wife-dropping, gutless mess. The unholy trio of Lackey, Beckett and Lester are just a band of lawless, beer-drinking, chicken-eating slobs. Where was all this intrepid reporting during the season?

This is the lowest point in the tenure of the present ownership. The standard operating procedure of bashing anyone who leaves Boston is unacceptable. Are we really expected to believe this? That all of this culminated in a perfect storm in September and resulted in the 7-20 record? Sorry, I’m not buying what the Red Sox PR machine is selling.

Now that Theo is on his way to Chicago, expect some skeletons to come out of the closet…probably from a Globe “source.”