There is a Red Sox game today, just as there are a bunch of football games. We will watch and we will will root for our teams and check our office pools and fantasy standings, but hopefully we will also remember. It was a crystal clear late-summer day, eerily like today, when our world changed forever.

Sometimes it seems like forever ago, but then I see the images of that day ten years ago, and it seems like it was just yesterday. When I realized that September 11th would be a Sunday, I thought maybe the leagues should have postponed all games. But when I saw the fans in the stands and the looks on their faces during the Star Spangled Banner and heard them spontaneously erupt in a USA! chant, I understood. Not playing the games today would have been letting them win. And they did not win.

Enjoy the games today, but don’t forget what you felt ten years ago. Don’t ever forget.