"Dude, no way we're doing this for your start."

Sox Offense: See what we did there?

Wakefield: Yes. Impressive.

Sox Offense: Fourteen runs, motherf#$ker. That’s no joke. That’s a pummeling.

Wakefield: Indeed it was.

Sox Offense: Bet you’re hopin’ we can do the same thing tonight. Y’know… for your start. Bet you’re thinkin’ long and hard about that 200th win, right, gramps?

Wakefield: It had crossed my mind that a similarly sizable offensive outburst would be amenable to my cause. But I always say “Team First.” If you can repeat that showing, you’ll get no argument from me.

Sox Offense: Yeah, we’ll try, old man. But putting up a fourteen spot gets you tired. Maybe we’ve only got like four or five in us tonight. Think your knuckler can hold ’em down?

Wakefield: It will be my pleasure to try.

Sox Offense: Christ, is there nothing that can get you riled up?

Wakefield: I’m seventy-four years old, punk. I’ve got no time for losing my shit.