It looks to me like Jacoby Ellsbury is the only player on the Red Sox who gives a wet f%&k about winning another game. He went 3-for-4 with two home runs and two RBI. The rest of the team went 3-for-26 with…well, nothing. Against that limp piece of crap AJ Burnett,

Crawford made another horrible play, looking (to quote Red) like a smacked ass. Gonzo hit into two more double-plays to boost his league-leading total…and why doesn’t he get any shit for not running out ground balls?

The team’s two errors gives them 25 in just 23 games in September.

Tampa won and now the Wild Card lead is one slim game, with Lackey pitching tonight.

Oh, and the Pats blew a 21-0 lead and lost the game as time expired. What a day.