...and on bass, Marco Scutaro!

Such is the life of the Red Sox fan. A couple days ago, I would have been happy to see the boys slide under the wire and into the Wild Card. But after last night’s win, which saw Commander Kick Ass return and act very Commander Kick Ass-ish, I’m wanting it all. And while it will be tough — and when I say tough I mean Mr. T in Rocky III tough, not Dolph Lundgren in Rocky IV tough — it’s not impossible.

We’re 3.5 games behind the Yanks but still have three games left to play against them. We’ve also got a redonkulous seven games against the Orioles coming up. Meanwhile, New York has seven games against the Rays.

Which team do you think has the better chance of playing spoiler? The playing-out-the-season-cuz-that’s-what-they-pay-us-for Orioles or the pissed-off Rays?

Today’s game is huge in the grand scheme of things. Lester on the hill, and us needing a little “street justice” revenge against Niemann for that three-hitter back in August. The weather’s a bit colder, the leaves are a bit browner, and October’s one day closer. Can I get a motherf%^kin’ witness.