Now more than ever... we must obey the billboard.

For a few brief moments in the ninth inning of last night’s game, we were back. Their “closer” was on the ropes, whacked around for two home runs to tie the game and our next two batters got on base. Then Papi grounded into a spirit-crushing double play and you knew it was over. You somehow knew the Rays were going to come back to kick us in the shins and make Ortiz regret not having that fifteenth protein shake during pre-game. So September continues to be Shitember and it’s a newfound Tagamet addiction for me.

I still don’t fear the Rays; we’re the ones with the 4.5 game lead for the Card That Is Wild and I just don’t see that slipping. What pisses me off is our inability to gain any ground on the Yanks, who are flailing every bit as hard.

But, as Harvey Dent explained, “the night is darkest before the dawn.” At least I think that’s what he said. I dunno. I just hope we kick ass tonight and leave Tampa with more pride than my Uncle Pietro high-tailing it out of a whorehouse.