"I found last night's game!"

The Sox seem bent on making a liar out of me, especially with last night’s encore performance of “Time to Lie Down, Boys; the Rays Are in Town: The Musical.” But I’m still convinced we’re going to the playoffs.

That said, my confidence for today’s game with Wake vs. Price couldn’t be any lower. They’ve got the guy they want on the hill and we’ve got… Grandpa Timmy. But if our bats can give Tampa Bay that plutonium enema they’ve so richly deserved for the past week or so, and that’s a sizable “if,” we may just make it out of this series with a split.

Again, the one thing I cling to is that the Rays and Yankees will play each other seven times over the next couple weeks. Someone’s gonna lose each of those games and every time someone does, it’s going to benefit us.

Of course, this assumes we tear up the Orioles and — God help us — the Yankees during the next couple series.

It’s a bumpy road to October, people. But I’ve got plenty of beer in the jeep. And plenty of room for the ladies up here in the front seat. Who’s with me?