Anyone? Anyone?

If there is anyone who doesn’t understand the value of winning the division this season, just go watch last night’s game again. Or almost any other game against the Rangers for that matter. The Sox are now 0-4 against the Rangers and have been outscored 30-11.¬†This isn’t anything new, the Sox were 4-6 last season and 2-7 in 2009. The numbers are even worse when playing in Texas. The Sox were 1-5 in 2009, 1-2 last season, and 0-4 so far this year.

Let’s play the “if the season ended today game” for a minute. If the Sox win the East, they will host the Tigers. If they settle for the Wild Card, they travel to Arlington for the first round. Granted, everything changes in October, but I like our chances a lot better at home against the Tigers.

We need some kind of magic elixir to get these boys healthy, not the kind that Colon or A-Rod use, but something.