No 200 For You!

Timmy gave it his best shot, going six-and-two-thirds and giving up just three runs on five hits. Unfortunately, the bats were still in “Beckett start” mode and Wake left the game tied at three. When Tito pulled him with two down and a man on second, the expletives were flying freely at Casa Denton. I wanted him to get the win and thought he had another out left in him after only throwing 99 pitches. Tito saw things differently, and after his genius pinch-running move last night, who am I to doubt him?

In the end, it was Jacoby Ellsbury with his second consecutive walk-off hit, this one in the form of a two-out home run to center. Hard to believe last night was his first career walk-off hit, and less than 24 hours later he does it again.

Has there ever been a team that had the 1-2-3 hitters in the MVP conversation?