A horrible thought occurred to me while watching the Royals and Red Sox re-enact Conquest of the Planet of the Apes last night, with the Royals playing the apes and the Red Sox playing the humans.

And that thought was: What if Wake doesn’t get his 200th win this season?

It seems unthinkable, but… what if?

The guy will probably get 6 or maybe 7 more starts in 2011. I can’t imagine it not happening before then. But I also figured he’d have wrapped it up by now.

Either way, last night’s loss was another disturbing rung on the August ladder. The Sox are 9-9 this month but four of those loses came against the lowly Twins, Mariners and Royals–teams whose shit, for lack of better terms, we should be f$%king up massively. This afternoon’s game dictates whether we win or split a series with a team that’s got the second worst record in the AL. A win, especially before heading into the hellhole of Rangers Ballpark, would be pretty freakin’ awesome.