Some of you youngsters might not remember this, but back in my day we had a saying, a little mantra if you will, after winning the first two games of a series. It went like this: Sweep the motherf%&kers! And if we didn’t pull off the sweep, we’d go back in the clubhouse and hold a Kangaroo Court. Sometimes it was the starting pitcher found guilty, or maybe the bullpen blew a lead, or a hitter struck out with men in scoring position, the bottom line was someone paid.

Back then, nobody was blogging or twitting or whateverthef%&k else players do these days. So we got away with a lot of shit. Justice was swift and the penalties were harsh. One time I grounded into a double-play top end a game and had to drink a beer out of Bob Stanley’s cup after he caught nine innings in Texas. Another time they gave Rick Burleson a Tabasco enema and you woulda thought they were scraping out his lungs with a melon baller. Yeah, after that they started calling him “Rooster.” Which really makes you wonder about the whole “Muddy Chicken” thing, don’t it?

Anyway, the point I was trying to make was simple. You’ve got Jon Lester on the hill and you’ve got a group of hitters doing what hitters do; hitting the baseball. So, in short,¬†Sweep the motherf%&kers!