There were two highlights from game two of yesterday’s Sox-Rays doubleheader.

The first came in the top of the fourth, when the Sox turned a triple play.

The second came at the end of the game, when a visibly buzzed Heidi Watney turned to me in the seats right behind her, lipstick slightly smeared and mascara running but still spectacular, and begged me to take her away from this torment. Pleaded with me to toss her in the back of my souped-up ’97 Camry and drive her clear of this madhouse, where the Sox now stand one half game behind the Yankees and David Ortiz is being fitted for a walking boot and some guy named Niemann three-hits our line-up.

Since the second one happened exclusively in my brain, I can only offer video of the first one. And it’s a thing of beauty.

Sadly everything else in game two sucked. Except that thing with me and Heidi. That was awesome.