I understand the Red Sox owe him a shit-ton of money over the next few years, but if they want to win another World Series, they can’t be trotting John Lackey’s ass out to the mound every five days. I can’t listen to anymore people giving him a pass because his wife is battling an illness. I can’t tolerate any talk that he might be injured. It’s time for Red Sox Nation, and more important, the Red Sox themselves, to admit that he just plain sucks. Throw him in the bullpen and only let him out if the Sox are winning or losing by double digits. Put him on the DL, give him Tommy John surgery whether he needs it or not, it sure as shit can’t hurt. Bring up Felix Doubrant, hell, throw out Felix Unger, he’ll probably get through more than two-and-a-third innings.¬†Just stop letting him hurt the team.