What has one thumb and digs winning? THIS GUY.

Ever since Wake shlumped off the mound at Yankee Stadium after game seven of the 2003 ALCS, I’ve wished nothing but the best of things for the guy. Here’s a player who’s done everything ever asked of him by his team, including weathering the indignities of being left off playoff rosters and co-signing an auto loan for Curt Leskanic, and never complained.

So all I want for the guy right now is to see him get his 200th career victory. He needs two more. And in Wakefield parlance, two wins can seem like twenty. So let’s help him get that win today. May our offense be extra offensive. May our defense keep any swatted knuckleballs in line. And may Wakey NOT become the answer to the future trivia question, “who did the Mariners beat to end their fourteen game losing streak in 2011?”

The guy makes me proud to be a Red Sox fan. So today I’m drinking cheap beer and bothering loose women in Wakefield’s honor. Let’s get that 199th win!