Hi Def is not doing Joe Buck or Tim McCarver any favors.

Rickie Weeks swinging and missing during the Home Run Derby was epic.

The over/under for how many times Buck and McCarver mention Jeter is infinity. I’m taking the over.

New movie Change-Up about two guys that switch bodies…original.

End of the first and I’m already calculating the number of minutes until real baseball returns.

“Bautista has re-invented himself”…with a little help? Very likely.

Moneyball movie looks interesting.

I want to go to Arizona.

Beckett “felt something” in his left knee warming up and won’t pitch. F#&k.

Wow, Bautista’s catch looked like the Tom Brunansky catch from ’90.

Granderson is a fan of professional wrestling? Lame.

Gonzalez! I had no idea how good he was until I saw him play every day.

Bikini-clad women and baseball…genius!

The Prince redeems himself after picking the worst Home Run Derby team ever.

This just in: I really do not like the All Star Game.

New Planet of the Apes movie looks pretty badass.

Who will Fielder be DH’ing for next season?

3-1 National League in the fifth. I’m going for a run, you’re on your own for the rest of the game.