Of all the folks happy to see Teets get his 1,000th managerial win last night, no one was happier than the dink who snatched up Marco Scutaro’s two-out, seventh-inning smash, turning what might have been a game-tying hit into a ground-rule double.

Because if Beckett’s hard-work — holding the Mariners to just one run and striking out seven through seven — had been undone by this guy’s over-exuberance to grab a souvenir, you can bet he’d be hanging by his underwear from a Mass Pike toll sign at this very hour. Hell, after seeing the Sox get so close to tying it up, I was ready to tweet a bounty for the guy’s scalp.

Thankfully, Ellsbury was up next, and he continued to deliver. A single up the middle drove in the tying and the go-ahead runs, and, I’m sure, made that fan feel a whole lot better about walking back to his car after the game.

Not that things didn’t get interesting. Bard loaded the bases with nobody out in the eighth, but managed, miraculously, to escape unscathed.

So let’s review all the good things that happened:

— Sox win third in a row.

— Beckett runs to 9-3, doesn’t have to punch anyone.

— Fan is spared lynching; learns valuable lesson that you don’t f#$k with balls in play that our guys hit.

— Yankees lose, increasing our division lead to 3 games.

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