The only thing standing between the Red Sox and a nice winning streak are the the Oakland A’s. Of course, I said the same thing just prior to the White Sox rolling in to Fenway and putting up 24 runs to take all three games. But that was before the much-needed off day yesterday. I’m sure after some rest, a massage, maybe a palaver with the spiritual advisor, things will be much better. Just ask Pedroia:

“We’re fine. We had that day-nighter in Detroit and got home around 5 in the morning and everybody has been kind of dragging,” Dustin Pedroia said after Wednesday’s 7-4 loss.

Yeah, that’s tough. A couple of baseball games followed by a three-hour charter flight. I heard they ran out of Shrimp Cocktail on the plane too. I have a pretty radical idea: stop friggin’ whining and beat the crappy teams you’re supposed to beat. This is not the type of nonsense I would ever expect to hear from Pedroia. These guys better not start going soft on us.

Yankee Stadium next week, then the long flight to Toronto. Better rest up.

Buchholz tonight against some lefty nobody, a beautiful night for a game, just go out and win.