The Yankees have gone on record as being peeved about Papi’s “excessive” bat flippage after his home run last night, not to mention Mark Teixeira getting drilled by a Lester cutter. With the notoriously dickish AJ Burnett on the hill for tonight’s game, you don’t need Stephen Hawking to deduce that a right good “message beaning” could be on tap.

And while there’s a long list of potential victims, I’m guessing the brunt of the anger gets heaped on Youkbacca. Because it’s easy to peg your frustrations on the sweaty, only slightly human-looking guy.

To that I say bring it on. I’d love nothing more than to see Youk and AJ do the Battle of the Slightly Unhinged White Guys. So long as no one got terribly hurt and we still managed to get the win. And if that’s not too much, I’d also like a busload of hookers to break down outside my place around the fifth inning. Because nothing makes a basebrawl more exciting than hookers.

In the meantime, although our Fantasy Freeroll sounds dirty, it’s actually a pretty cool take on fantasy baseball. Pick yer team, win some prizes. Cash, baby. It’s all good.