"Back in Philly, huh? Time to put on the disguise..."

The Sox are in Philly for the next couple days, which means Teets will be traveling incognito. The guy who used to manage the Phillies (for comparative purposes, think “The Butch Hobson Era” in Boston) understands that he remains persona non grata in the City of Brotherly Love. And he’s not expecting a laurel and hearty handshake.

“They don’t like me,” he said.

It has been more than a decade since Francona left Philadelphia after a rather unsuccessful managerial debut, posting a 285-363 record in four losing seasons.

“I knew why I got the job,” Francona said. “If they thought they were going to win, they would have gone out and gotten Jim Leyland or somebody. They were looking for somebody young to be patient. I tried to do that. I was lucky to get an opportunity, and I did the best I could.

“I don’t think they’re going to have a parade [for me] in Philly,” Francona said. “Unless things have changed.”

In prep for the series, the Philly media is covering all the bases, noting that it’s either a “World Series preview”, just another interleague set, or a chance to board up the windows before the so-called most “obnoxious” fans in sports come to town.

Boston has always been a great beer town – try Bukowski Tavern or Sunset Grill if you venture up that way – but the favorite intoxicant these days is victory. The city is hammer drunk on titles. Since 2002, the Patriots have won three championships, the Sox have captured two, while the Celtics and Bruins claimed one each. As a result, the fans there have become the sports equivalent of the mouthy businessman who gets loaded at the bar and won’t shut up about how much money he’s made and how much better his life is than yours. He drones on and on about his summer house and his expensive cars and his cushy Rich & Famous lifestyle while you order up another happy-hour discount brew and thumb the already well-worn want ads. The Karmic bartender needs to cut them off. Their gloating is insufferable.

I just hope we get outta dodge with a couple of wins. And that the only “mob attacks” while we’re in town are between Youk and a bag of cheesesteaks.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for tickets to any of these games, let us hook you up.

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