Fueled by Jays pride. And douchiness.

I know it’s important to have something to cling to as your team plummets down the standings. But celebrating another player taking a ball off the wrist? And not just cheering but standing, raising your fists in the air and bellowing your Labatts-fueled approval? Not at all cool. Somewhere, my friend, there is a hornet enema with your name on it. Even better, I hope that someone in the Sox dugout identified you and had you intercepted on your way out of the Rogers so that Youk could treat you to a little something he calls “the full onions.”

(Of course, I’ve received about a dozen emails from my Jays fan friends — yes, I have them — who insist Youk faked the HBP, which the ump never called. But I ain’t buying it.)

Meanwhile, the Sox are 7-1 in June and so far 4-0 on this nine game swing through their toughest AL east counterparts. I’m sensing that “pulling away from the pack” moment that, honestly, I never thought I’d see after watching their first month of baseball. Right now, it’s as if nothing can stop them… rain, lack of sleep, gamma rays, CC Sabathia, etc.

Lackey on the hill today. Dare we dream eight straight?