Supes = The Red Sox. Zod = everybody else.

As a guy who suffered through the insufferable years… as someone who once believed Carney Lansford would lead us to the promised land… and as someone who knows all too well the feeling of the late September boot to the balls, I never want to be the guy who takes success for granted.

But, man, after watching the Sox tear through their primary AL East “competition” over the last five games, I’m not just drinking the Kool Aid, I’m mainlining it. Suddenly this team is acting very much like the one we “saw” on paper over the winter — the one everybody and their dog slotted for the World Series — and looking unstoppable in practically every aspect of their game.

Does it continue today? Does Jon Lester bring us that ninth consecutive win? Or is Lester’s performance even relevant, considering the number of runs our offense is capable of producing? It’s an embarrassment of riches, folks. And while I may be hard-wired to expect something ten feet tall and creepy lurking around each corner (yes, even after 2004), I’m just gonna sit back, crack another beer, and enjoy the hell out of this team.

Please join me.