Deep down, he understands. And he's happy for the Bruins.

Yes, it does. And that sound is “winning.”

Last night, while all eyes and ears and beer mugs were on the hockey game, Commander Kickass went out and threw one of the best games of his career, one-hitting the Rays and halting our losing streak at one game.

The fact that the one hit he surrendered was a 90 pound weakling of a hit — an infield dripper by the Bond villainly-named Reid Brignac — was infuriating to me. But in retrospect, perhaps it’s for the best. Because a night in which the Bruins won the Cup and Beckett hurled a no-no would have surely caused the heavens to implode and the earth to split in two.

By going the distance, Beckett also spared the bullpen for tonight’s Buchholz-Price match-up, putting us in the best possible position to clinch an 8-1 road trip against the “best” of the East.

It’s hard to believe there was a time when I was worried about Beckett and what he’d be bringing to the table in 2011. He was the X factor, the question mark, the shady dude we weren’t quite so sure about. But now he’s stomping ass like he did in 2007. And I gotta say I enjoy seeing him deliver weekly wedgies — in pitched-ball form — to the opposition.