Unquestionably Street

Josh Beckett will be doing the charity thing on August 29, hosting his annual Beckett Bowl at Lucky Strikes Lanes. My feeling is any event that brings Verne Troyer and the guy with the glasses from Run-DMC together with Commander Kickass — as Beckett Bowl has in the past — earns “must attend” status in my book. Yes, it’s helping Children’s Hospital, which is beyond awesome. But “Mini Me”, DMC and Beckett in the same room? That’s good clean livin’ right there. The list of celebs at this year’s event has yet to be released, but I’m begging for a reunion of this unholy trinity.

In other news, you can vote for SurvivingGrady.com for “Best Local Blogger” on Boston.com’s “A List.” We don’t know what it means, either. But if we don’t win, they’ll just give it to that punk ass John Lithgow.