Just got home from the game, what a great day. Honoring the Bruins before the game, the Elder Statesman going eight strong, and the bats doing what they do best: turning opposing pitchers into “the new guy on the cell block.”

My favorite part of the day was the genius idea of blaring the foghorn and playing the Bruin goal theme (sorry, I don’t know what the real name is) after every run scored. This should become a permanent part of every home game, the crowd went apeshit every time. Someone fell asleep at the switch for the run that scored in the fourth following Pedroia’s home run (I think Papi beat out a double play ball and Gonzalez scored from third) and didn’t blast the foghorn. The crowd was not happy! Forget the wave (which I’m happy to say did not make a successful trip around the park once today) and Sweet Caroline, keep the foghorn!

There were a lot of Brewers fans in attendance, I’m glad the Red Sox sent them back to Milwaukee in style. Stay in the National League where you belong.

Happy Father’s Day to everyone out there. A 12-3 Red Sox win is a pretty good gift, eh?