The sound of two men... earning even more money

I can only hope, for Papelbon’s sake, that the TVs in the Sox clubhouse were tuned to something other than the NESN broadcast last night.

Because if Josh “Anger is Part of My Complete Breakfast” Beckett happened to catch that weird-ass commercial with Paps and Nick Swisher stumping for Norelco after the Bot blew a W that Josh most definitely deserved, I could envision Beckett shooting an impromptu razor commercial of his own. Featuring that rusty, twelve-inch blade he no doubt keeps stashed in the back of his locker just for such occasions.

Not that Josh isn’t used to such things by now. But it would have been nice to see the Commander snag a win after giving up just six hits and no runs through seven innings and leaving with his team staked to a one-run lead.

That said, when your awesome-on-paper team is still struggling to get its head above .500, you take the wins however they come. And last night’s came in the bottom of the eleventh, when Carl Crawford, who apparently found the clubhouse spinach stash, doubled home Jose Iglesias to give us the feel-good ending we were hoping for.

But, lest he forget his rookie status, Iglesias was instantly converted from hero to the team’s personal beer mule:

Once he dressed and spoke to reporters, [Iglesias] carried three large bags of cold beer for the players to take on the bus ride to the airport.

I like wins, and I’ll take ’em wherever we can get ’em. So last night was a good thing. Now we head on the road for two with the Jays and three with the Yanks. And, hey… we could return home in first place. Keep those fingers crossed.