These days, I’m particularly wary of announcing that this team has turned a corner. Or that the rocket to .500 has just left the platform. Or that the ten-game win streak has begun. So all I’m gonna say is that yesterday, the Sox did everything right: superb starting and relief pitching, key hits when they needed them, and no one grew a quick “Jenks homage” beard. Which is considered an obscene act in Pittsburgh.

Their 5-5 performance over the last ten games doesn’t excite me, but the 4 game gulf between them and first place looks ridiculously surmountable this morning.

Also, today is Adrian Gonzalez’ 29th birthday. So if he wants to celebrate by knocking in a dozen runs — just in case the evil, goateed Matsuzaka from the infamous “Mirror, Mirror” episode of Star Trek shows up and surrenders six runs in the first — I’m all for it.

Anyway, if there was ever a soundtrack for this season so far, it is this:

Lastly, my best to my Mom and all the otha mothas out there in SG land. Thanks for all you do, and do quite well.