Coming into this season, Josh Beckett was one of our biggest question marks. But after watching Commander Kick Ass channel his 2007 self and shut down the Yankees last night, turning in yet another stellar 2011 performance, I’m officially considering him an exclamation point.

And with the pitching tightening up and Adrian Gonzalez pulling an Ortiz and hoisting the offense on his cheesesteak-fortified shoulders, I’m starting to think, against my better judgment, that the tear we’ve been praying for is finally upon us.

Tonight we turn to Jon Lester to bring us to .500 Land. And there’s no one I’d rather see in this position. Let’s show those pinstriped bastards that we will not go quietly. That we’re not willing to settle for a losing record. And that you don’t count out the Boston Red Sox. At least not these days.

ESPN has the game tonight. Dream of Remy, people. Dream of Remy.