Yeah, it’s us, the Boston Red Sox. We’re just chilling out in third place for now. But Yanks and Rays, those footsteps you hear? Us again. Did you really think 0-and-6, or 2-and-10 was for real? How naive of you; I thought you knew us better than that. And for the record, we prefer not to think of it as a “slow start,” more like giving the rest of the division a head start.

We’re kind of done fooling around, in case the weekend series didn’t tip you off. The air at the top of the division is much sweeter, the basement is a little musty and has an Oriole-stink that isn’t easy to wash off. So we took the “kick me” sign off our back and went a little “Billy Jack” on the Yankees on our way to the top. Sorry Baltimore, you’re next.

And the beauty of this week is, we’re going to gain ground on someone as Yankees and Rays square off. We either get within percentage points of second place if the Rays win, or get within two games of first place if the Yankees win. Nothing wrong with either situation, as long as we win. And we will. Because we’ve flipped the kick-ass switch all the way, and ours goes to 11. The only one that can stop us now is Mother Nature, and we’ve even got a plan for that meddling bitch. See you at 7:05.