Caution: do not watch the video if you’re squeamish!

Rajon Rondo has been the glue that holds the Celtics together all season. But his performance in Saturday night’s win over Miami was one of the gutsiest in Boston sports in a long while. I would go so far as to call it “Schilling-esque.”

The youngest by far of Boston’s four All-Stars, Rondo was injured early in the second half when he was fouled by Wade. Doctors popped his elbow back into place in the locker room and he was back on the court at the start of the fourth quarter, dribbling, passing and shooting with his right arm while leaving his left dangling at his side.

“All of us sort of looked at each other like, ’What is he doing out here?”’ Garnett said. “He’s showing a lot of heart (and) a lot of grit. We see it. That doesn’t go unspoken or unseen. We see he’s out there giving his full effort. We’re following that lead.”

Rondo finished with 11 assists and six points, including a pair of one-armed baskets in the fourth quarter that the Celtics called the spark they had been lacking.

I don’t know if they have enough left in the tank to finish off the Heat, especially with a one-armed point guard. But if they do somehow come back to take the series, we will look back at this as the catalyst. Game 4 Monday night. I wouldn’t miss it.