Krisily Kennedy represents.

Thanks to my sister and brother-in-law, who came through for me like magic, ticket-conjuring monsters, I will be attending my first Red Sox game of the 2011 season this afternoon, seated in the luxurious State Street Pavilion seats. I’ll be the big pale guy sporting a dashing Schilling jersey and Planet of the Apes T-shirt combo, very likely drunk. And attempting to live Tweet the game whenever possible. So if you see me, do stop me and say hi or simply punch me in the face; I won’t feel it either way. And lest you think you might mistake me for John Henry, here’s one way to tell us apart: he won’t be the guy begging for spare change to buy beer. I, on the other hand…

Anyway, great to see the Sox get that Monkee off their backs and finally win game number one. Though I’d be lying if I said I didn’t hold a sick fascination for how low they could go. “Are they actually going to lose 100 games?” we’d be asking ourselves over our morning gin and muffins. “Could this be the worst Red Sox team ever assembled?” we’d wonder aloud while we fertilized the Leylands. So long as they kept losing, they’d be the most interesting team in baseball, keeping people running to the box scores and checking the updates. Now that they’re 1-6, they’re just another team with a shitty record. But it’s nothing that sweeping the Yankees at home won’t help.

Lastly, thanks to former NESN pre-game girl and The Bachelor star Krisily Kennedy for modeling our infamous Sox Addict T-shirt. We have them for sale, in case you didn’t know.

Game on, people. I’ll try to bring the luck.