Interesting story on about how players spend the off-season:

Jonathan Papelbon spent all offseason “kind of tucked away in Mississippi” with family, doing his baseball work on his own time.

Josh Beckett talked about a discussion with his dad that helped him put a difficult 2010 season in the past.

Marco Scutaro joked about having a barbecue with family and friends every time the Red Sox made a big offseason move.

Jason Varitek, who could be going into his final season, took stock of his future, with family in mind.

I imagined very different answers…

Papelbon: And when I say “tucked away” I mean drinking moonshine and working on a new two-step for October.

Beckett: Building rockets with my wife. Oh, and killin’ shit.

Scutaro: Sacrificing chickens and sticking pins in my Jed Lowrie doll.

Varitek: Learning to catch the knuckle ball. I see big things for me and Wake in October.

See you at 7:05 for victory number one.