Yeah, that’s right, stolen base for “Wheels” Ortiz. Normally I would disregard this type of stat assuming it was a typo or there is some Single-A player that happens to be named David Ortiz or that the catcher was struck by lightening as Big Papi “took off” for second. But then I caught found this:

It’s something Terry Francona may ask Ortiz to do again, even during the regular season, to force the opposition to hold him on and therefore open a hole between first and second base. “We actually want to run there because if J.D. (Drew) is hitting behind him, having that hole open there is something J.D. really uses,” Francona explained. “We want to make them respect that hole a little bit. We’d like for them to hold him on during the season. Again, we’d like that hole open. If they don’t (hold Ortiz on first), yeah, depending on the situation (he would run).”

As if there wasn’t enough excitement for the 2011 season, now we have the potential for a new NESN segment called “Guess What’s In Tito’s Tea” because there is simply no way this is serious.

Earlier this week, Francona put in his bid for quote if the year when he gave the update on Beckett’s condition following Ino Guerrero’s failed assassination attempt:

“It’s hard for him because he’s illiterate,” Tito said about Beckett taking the concussion test.

Please, start the season now, it’s going to be a fun ride.