Rather than dwell on the fact that the Red Sox have dropped nine straight Grapefruit games and lost the highly-coveted Mayor’s Cup to the Twins in last night’s particularly ugly loss, which featured six runs surrendered in the ninth, we’ll focus on the positive.

And that’s Matsuzaka third strong outing and, more important, his donation of one million bucks to the Red Cross of Japan. Any fans looking to add to the Red Sox Foundation’s relief efforts can do so here. In the meantime, the Red Sox will soon be winding down their Grapefruit sessions and moving on to the real thing. Whether you bet on MLB at BetUS or just roll like me, empty-wallet style, there are good times ahead.

In other news, we’ve started using a new commenting system here. It’s called LiveFyre, and we’re excited to be part of the beta-test group.

I know a lot of folks loved Echo, and we loved it too–when it was Haloscan. Ever since Haloscan went away and Echo arrived in its place, we’ve had nothing but problems with it. In fact, the damn thing broke (or “unsynchronized” as the fancy lads say) at least twice a week. And every time it broke, it could only be fixed by emailing Echo’s tech support and begging them to resynch it, a process that could take up to 24 hours.

LiveFyre does a few things differently than Echo — for example, if you want to embed a photo or video, just copy/paste the URL into your comment and a thumbnail will show up in the comment when you post it. Also, every comment is immediately projected into Butch Hobson’s brain for safe keeping. Or so we’re told.

We’re still working some things out in partnership with the developers (including font size, style, etc.). But as we hammer it into place over the next few days, we hope you’ll give it a try. You can sign in with Twitter or Facebook or any user name you please. And let us know what you think; comment or email us with your likes/dislikes and anything you’d like to see it do.