"Bring me your love. In Pawtucket."

The news out of Sox camp today is that Alfredo Aceves and Hideki Okajima will be starting the season in scenic Pawtucket, RI, while Matt Albers and Dennys Reyes — who, unlike Oki and Aceves didn’t have options and likely wouldn’t have cleared waivers — snagged the last two bullpen spots. So that gives us a bullpen of Papelbon, Bard, Jenks, Wake, Reyes, Albers and Wheeler. For now.

The far cooler news, however, is that the Sox actually won a Grapefruit game today, and said game was held at Florida Auto Exchange Stadium–a place where you can almost imagine the “Chico’s Bail Bonds” signs hanging in left field. And just to complete the Bad News Bears imagery, the game was won on a home run by a guy named Hazelbaker. Which kinda sounds like Buttermaker. Especially after a few belts.

Anyway, we’re four days away from the official start of the 2011 season. As Lindsey Buckingham once sang, we’re just waiting on the countdown.