Now that Tito and the Sox have lulled the rest of the AL into a false sense of security, they can take the East by storm when the real games begin. Losing ten in a row, some in rather painful fashion, might have other fans worried. But not us.

We hear from Francona in yet another gem of a quote:

“You’re talking to a guy who cheats when he’s playing his kids at Monopoly. I want to win, but we wouldn’t have put in Luis if we wanted to win,” Francona said. “You try to do what you’re supposed to do, and you always want to play the game right. We’d all rather win than lose. But I don’t think it’s created an atmosphere of panic. Sometimes you throw some kids out there.”

Not exactly comforting words if you’re the “Luis” mentioned, but the point is well made. The players who need to be ready for Friday will be ready. Once the first pitch is thrown, everything that happened at spring training is erased from memory. Much like that night in high school after the dance, with Jenny McCann and all that Riunite. Like it never happened.