Gameface? Check.

See the look on the face of the guy in that screencap above? With all due respect to Charlie Sheen, THAT’s the look of winning. He misses a spring training start with the flu just to give his enemies a sense of false security. The semblance of an idea that he might be mortal. That he might have vulnerabilities. That THIS might be the year they break him.

Then he comes out yesterday and throws four shutout innings and five strike outs on 57 pitches. As casually as you or I might polish off a turkey sub. And the Texas Rangers quietly, nervously count the moments until they face him on Opening Day.

I know it’s just spring training. But I get that same giddiness from every Lester start that I used to have whenever Pedro took the mound. Or when Beckett got the ball back in 07. Each Lester start is an event in my house, and it’s been a privilege to watch him come into his own as the ace of this staff.

Yes, like you, I can’t wait to see how A-Gon and Carl Crawford tear it up before a packed house at Fenway. But for me, Jon Lester’s the real reason that the start of the season can’t get here fast enough.