Scariest looking mofo in the AL? Quite possibly.

After fumbling through the last week and a half of Grapefruit games, the Sox flipped the switch from “Phantom Menace” to “Empire Strikes Back” during last night’s final spring training contest, treating the Houston Astros to a 10-0 clubbing.

It was a game packed with all the stuff you’d want to see before slipping into the regular season: five runs in the first inning, three hits from Jacoby “Firestarter” Ellsbury, back-to-back RBI singles in the first from Crawford and Gonzalez, and Josh Beckett giving up one paltry hit through five innings.

Hell it even featured the first “fat guy falls out of the stands” moment of the season. And the season hasn’t even started.

Simply put, it was the perfect note on which to end spring training. Now we have a day to catch our collective breath, ice down the beer, marinate the steaks, tape up the windows, print up the K cards, wrap the furniture in plastic, sound-proof the apartment, tape up our knuckles, put the finishing touches on our Troy O’Leary watercolor and make sure our insurance premiums are all up to date.

It’s almost baseball time, baby. Are you ready?