Whoever had February 9th in the “when will Denton start bashing JD Drew” pool; congratulations, you’re a winner. The beauty of it is, I don’t even have to look for a reason. He just opens up his pie-hole and the reasons start flowing. In a shocking revelation (insert sarcasm), Drew told WEEI’s Rob Bradford that…wait for it…his hamstring is bothering him!

“We’ll see where it ends up when I get down to camp,” Drew said. “But that thing really bugged the heck out of me for the whole second half of the season.”

“Bugged the heck” out of him? Well, gosh that sounds darn painful!

“Day games were really brutal on it because getting out of bed and trying to get warmed up for a 1 o’clock game was really tough. I was able to manage most of the night games.”

It’s confirmed, the guy should wear a cape as part of his uniform…managing most of those night games the way he did!

“It’s just in a spot that doesn’t get a lot of blood flow.”

Hehe…too easy.

Drew — who began his workouts this offseason earlier than normal and classified his offseason as “one of the better ones in a long time”

I picture Drew’s “offseason workouts” consisting of a few pilates followed by several hours standing in front of a mirror nude watching himself take practice swings while screaming “you da man!” Other than the grand slam in the 2007 postseason that Red obsesses over, the guy has done very little to earn his seventy million bucks.

There you go, the inaugural Drew-bashing post of 2011. Somehow, I doubt it will be the last…