If you’ve been waiting for a Denton live appearance, look no further, tonight is your lucky night. I am heading in to Remy’s for the New England Sports Blog Awards…since this site happens to be reigning champion. Voting for the individual awards is closed, but voting for the overall Best Sports Blog award takes place at tonight’s event. So put on your drinking shoes and shake off some of that winter rust and get in and vote! Red has already promised lap dances to all voters if we take home the prize, and we are upping the ante by adding Seven Minutes in Heaven with PuppetRed if we claim the prize! Also, sending hookers and booze to Rafe Anderson courtesy of SG will be appreciated if you can’t make it in.

Last night, I had the opportunity to be chat with Dean over at www.sportscave.tv, feel free to click on over and get an earful of my scintillating 2011 predictions. Try not to be jealous of the posh penthouse view in the background. Soon, I will be as ever-present as Ryan Seacrest!

Denton out!