A big-ass framed version of this shot hangs in the Fenway media room.

I typically get a bit buggy when conversation turns to pitchers whose weight hovers dangerously close to 300 pounds. But the Bobby Jenks signing is another brilliant maneuver in Theo’s 2011 Comeback Special.

For one thing, it provides a little bit of “motivation” for the Papel-Bot. Knowing that Theo kicked the tires on Mariano Rivera and seeing Jenks’ hefty arse casting long shadows in the bullpen may provide just the right bit of fire the guy needs to purge whatever demons/hang-ups/ailments made his every appearance such a dice roll last season.

For another, it gives Management some options. If the Bot can’t get his shit together, Jenks can close. If there’s a chance to add yet another quality player to this burgeoning Legion of Super Heroes, Theo & crew could move Paps to get him.

Mostly, it adds depth to a bullpen that proved our downfall last year. Having Bard and Jenks to use as set-up for Paps is, let’s face it, a pretty enviable position to be in. And I refuse to believe any of my Yankees-loving “associates” who say they don’t envy the 2011 Red Sox. Hell, as the great Derek Smalls once said, “I envy us.”

Seriously, if Theo announced he’d just added Mick Jagger, Batman and Scarlett Johansson to this team, it wouldn’t surprise me.