Guys, thanks for coming over. I know it’s a little unusual to throw a party for those of us that spent time on the DL, but we had some fun, didn’t we?

Fun? I broke my foot, how is that fun?

Yeah, but remember that time Beckett switched Dice-K’s forearm salve with Hydrofluoric Acid? Of course, that’s the reason Dice won’t be here, but I just about busted a nut laughing…

Christ, that would have cost you another six months on the DL.

No kidding. It’s no wonder your people lost everything except for a couple of casinos in Connecticut.

Are you insulting my heritage?!?!

Lighten up, Cochise, we’re all friends here. A little good-natured ribbing is all the half-pint meant. Come on, lets smokem peace-pipe.

Hey, is that a bong? You can’t smoke that in here!

For medicinal purposes only, I have a prescription.

::Takes a huge hit:: You know, I would love to have a frank conversation with Tom Bergeron about the many uses of Elmer’s Glue.

OK Gilligan, I think you’ve had enough. Where’s Tek, he’d love this?

Tek couldn’t make it, but where’s Jed?

Lowrie? He had Mono, that’s not a real injury! When I found out you invited him I had Beckett stop by and hang him up by his underwear. I don’t think he’ll be making it.

Funny thing is, when I got there he was just getting out of the shower…so I had to improvise on the whole wedgie thing.

Ouch. Hey, you guys wanna go get tattoos? Crawford looks like a real badass with that one on his neck.

That looks like it hurt. How about we go get haircuts instead?

Crawford has, like, ten tats. But he won’t talk about any of ’em except the one on his neck.

Probably rainbows or unicorns or David Hasselhoff or something.

Screw it, let’s just stay here and drink.

That’s what I’m talkin’ about. I’ve got the entire Saved By The Bell series in the DVD player!

Fire that shit up, now it’s a party.

Yes! It took me a long tim to find a hot chick named Kelli to marry but after watching The Bell, I had to have a Kelli. I just wish I could get her to spell her name right.

And that Screech, what a pistol.

Hey, somebody’s knocking, I’ll get it.

::Peeks out window:: Wait! Holy shit, kill the lights and be quiet!

Guys? Come on, open up! My neck really was stiff. You know how when you sleep funny…guys?