I can’t believe it. I have actually been hearing sports radio callers bringing up that tired old argument: the Red Sox pitching suffered because Jason Varitek wasn’t behind the plate. Because, say it with me, Jason Varitek calls a great game! Sorry Tek lovers, the numbers tell a different story. No matter how great a game he calls, the pitcher still has to make the pitch…that is my captain obvious statement of the night.

Varitek Martinez Cash Saltalamacchia
Buchholz n/a 2.13 n/a n/a
Lackey 3.29 4.81 3.93 2.86
Lester 1.88 3.64 3.38 n/a
Matsuzaka 3.81 5.9 3.57 n/a
Beckett 7.18 5.11 6.97 n/a
Papelbon 4.11 4.02 n/a n/a

Despite my previous couple hundred posts trashing Tek, I’m on the record as saying I want him back on the Sox next season. So this isn’t one of those, I just think there’s a bigger problem with the pitching staff than who is crouching behind the dish.