Anyone with even cursory knowledge of this blog knows I loves me some Watney. So I was quite happy to read, courtesy of my man Chad Finn, that The Blonde Fury recently had her option picked up by the inestimably wise folks at NESN. Meaning more Heidi in 2011. So I won’t have to move. Yet.

Heidi even takes the time to comment on the rumors linking her romantically to everyone from Jason Varitek to Amalie Benjamin. And even if the latter represents a rumor started in my own mind, you know what I’m talking about.

“I come from a very strong Christian household; when I’m written up as ‘NESN party gal,’ that couldn’t be further from the truth. And my parents see this stuff, and my family sees this stuff, and they know my character, and it can be frustrating.”

Heids, I feel your pain, even if it’s in my own pale, goofy, Amazing Spider-Man-reading way. And I invite you to leave it all behind and follow me to a world of cheap meals, cramped apartments and used Toyotas.

I have no glitz or glamor or connections and certainly no coin to offer you. But my love is big, lady. I’m talking Sinatra-sized.