A couple quick things as we mourn the passing of Tom Bosley and pray for AJ to come up lame against the Rangers. As Bill Janovitz noted, tonight, we are all Texans.

1) The Sox announced some planned enhancements to Fenway, including a new HD scoreboard — all the better for those rain delay screenings of “Martin”! — and a wider bullpen area (with shorter right field porch), as well as refurbished seats in the dead zone that is the right field grandstands. And just like DeMarlo Hale, these seats will be equipped with “self-rising mechanisms.”

2) EEI’s Dennis and Callahan show will be simulcast on NESN beginning in November, spelling the end to my pre-work viewing of SportsDesk and/or Breakfast with the Sox. But will having their show on the Sox-owned NESN influence content? If I can’t start my day with some disparaging comments about Danny Darwin’s mustache, then, man, I’m not gettin’ outta bed.